Hole Descriptions

HOLE 1 | PAR 4

Eagles Glenn opens with a gentle par four, dogleg left. The key is to keep your drive to the right of centre to open views to the large tiered green. On the approach, play away from the left, front guard bunker and avoid going long as the green is fast, back to front. The green is back dropped by sculptured, high, grassy mounds that will make the approach shot appear closer. So be sure you take the right club.

HOLE 2 | PAR 4

Long hitters need to hit a four wood or long iron to stay short of the deep lake that drifts in from the left rough at the landing area. There is lots of room down the right side but mounds and grassy hollows will catch errant shots. The green sits deceptively high and shots that miss right or long will not permit easy recovery shots. The second green has subtle contours but a good approach will be awarded with a makable putt.

HOLE 3 | PAR 5

The par five third shows off some of the dramatic shaping of the course. The fairway leads you past forests and high mounds to a small contoured green. The green may be reachable in two, but prudent play will result in consistent results. From the green surface, you get an excellent panoramic view of the gentle forests hills that are found on Prince Edward Island.

HOLE 4 | PAR 3

Downhill par threes are always exciting and challenging to play. The tee-shot seems to hang in the sky and golfers are never sure whether they have guessed correctly on club selection. The fourth is a daunting golf hole that demands accuracy and distance control. Don't chase pins on your tee-shot. Any approach that finds the green surface will have a relatively short putt remaining.

HOLE 5 | PAR 4

The par four fifth is very spacious and quite demanding. The fairway is split just past the landing zone and deep bunkers guard the fairway. A good drive will set up the approach to this deep green that is partially hidden by powerful left-side grassy mounds. Avoid the tall grasses, sand and contoured mounds and success on the challenging fifth will be assured.

HOLE 6 | PAR 3

This memorable par three is a real gem. The high back tee offers a spectacular view to the green below that is dwarfed by the left-side mounds. The narrow green is an elusive target but a few golfers may be rewarded with a favorable bounce off the bordering mounds. The right-side bunkers are catch traps to keep errant shots in play. Take dead aim and good luck.

HOLE 7 | PAR 4

The seventh hole is a short par four that demands a target golf approach. A long iron or three wood will find the high fairway and set up a short to mid-length approach to the raised, tiered green. The deep trough and grassed gullies that wind through the golf hole must be avoided or a good score will be difficult to achieve.

HOLE 8 | PAR 5

Eight may appear intimidating but careful, patient play will be rewarded. The tee-shot must clear the stream valley and stay clear of the large, capped bunker cutting into the landing area from the left. The fairway rocks and rolls all the way to the green and awkward lies may be commonplace. The green is raised and guarded but the surface is large and gently contoured. Keep your shots in play and an acceptable score will follow.

HOLE 9 | PAR 4

The long, uphill ninth demands accuracy and strength. A long drive past the Osprey nesting tree and opposite the bunker will leave a long to mid-iron approach to the green. The green is back-dropped by a steep hillside draped in tall fescue grasses that need to be avoided. A deep green aptly guarded by sand adds a final challenge to this most different par four.

HOLE 10 | PAR 4

The seventh hole is a short par four that demands a target golf approach. A long iron or three wood will find the high fairway and set up a short to mid-length approach to the raised, tiered green. The deep trough and grassed gullies that wind through the golf hole must be avoided or a good score will be difficult to achieve.

HOLE 11 | PAR 3

Eleven plays into a soft, forested corner of the course. This mid-length par three is a peaceful, traditional golf hole, beautifully carved into this tranquil setting. Make sure you take enough club to clear the guard bunker and watch out for subtle rolls on the green.

HOLE 12 | PAR 5

The twelfth green, far off in the distance, looks a mile away but it is merely a trick of P.E.I.'s rolling countryside. The secret to the par 5 twelfth is to shoot the gap on your second or third shot. This narrow channel between the trees was left to catch your attention. The gentle rise of the fairway leads you to a charming green hugged by shaped, steep, grassy mounds. Watch the downhill putts on this green. They can be “oh so quick”.

HOLE 13 | PAR 4

A good drive, perfectly hit, may allow long hitters to close within twenty yards of thirteenth green. However, the prudent play is to play short of the fairway bunkers that announce the steep decent to the green. From here, a short-iron approach can easily find the small green. At all costs, you must not fly over this green as the green rests above the next hill and long shots will not allow for easy recoveries.

HOLE 14 | PAR 4

This scenic par four subtly turns to the right hugging the high hillside form tee to green. A good drive to the fairway sets up the angle you need to approach this deep green. High, grassy backdrop mounds and sand make this one of the most entertaining approaches on the course.

HOLE 15 | PAR 5

The split fairway on the par five fifteenth offers golfers a choice from the tee. A long drive down the right side is ideal but take care as the drive will bound right on landing and thus must not have a left to right flight pattern. The fairway rushes downhill, after the turning point, to meet the spacious raised green complex. The natural amphitheatre of fifteen will help direct your shots to the green and flag.

HOLE 16 | PAR 4

Watch out for the water just forward of the tee complex. This mid-length par four is one of the narrowest on the course and a good, accurate tee-shot is a must. The fairway has a lot of deep depressions that may prove problematic. However, the green is raised and open to run-up shots. Avoid the long fairway bunker and greenside bunker and you're on your way to a par or better.

HOLE 17 | PAR 3

The high tees of seventeen afford you the best vantage point to view this special short par three. There is no easy solution for success here; the water and sand must be negotiated. The high, framing grassy mounds will catch bailout or long approaches but from there, recoveries will not be easy. Select your club and play to the centre of the green. If you are successful, you will be left with a makable birdie putt on this small rolling green.

HOLE 18 | PAR 4

The finishing golf hole at Eagle's Glenn will test your abilities and, hopefully, appeal to your senses. The deep lakes follow you all the way to the green and the high fairway is wide and inviting. A deep, narrow green, well guarded by bunkers, water and mounds, make success on eighteen truly rewarding. Take a moment while on 18 to appreciate the scenic panoramic views of beautiful Prince Edward Island.